Go Be Awesome -- COMING SOON!

I'm building a place for awesome. Sound like fun? Check back!

Did you cringe just now? If so, I think I know why. We've gotten used to the word "awesome" as code for sales-pitchy happy talk full of puffy clouds, unicorns, and "you can dooo eeet".

I hate those websites. I wanted a place where I could find stories about and advice from people who were doing their own awesome things. I wanted a site where I could get practical advice on how I could share the awesome things I do with others who would enjoy them. I wanted resources to help me figure out just what my awesome is (yes, we will use "awesome" as a noun here. That's just how we'll roll). I had a heck of time getting past the hordes of inspirational quotes, stories about multi-millionaires, and hard-core sales pitches.

Go Be Awesome will be the antidote to those web sites (and books, and lectures, and web videos, and pictures on Pinterest...). We've diminished "awesome" in our daily vocabularies and let it get misused by marketers who slap it on everything from laundry detergent to e-books to a video of a dog who accidentally barked the chorus of "Hey Ya". Okay, maybe that last one really is awesome, but you get my point, I hope. We lost our awesome and it's time we got it back.

In short: Go Be Awesome will have real information you can use but none of this:

Thank you, 20px!

Thank you, 20px!

In fact, when Go Be Awesome goes live, I'm going to ask a couple things of you. One of them is pretty easy. I want you to read or watch or listen to what I put here. If any of it veers too far into Happy Unicorn Affirmation Land, tell me. Drop me an e-mail or hit me up on Twitter. Let me know I'm blowing happy vapors.

The other isn't quite as simple but will be a lot more important. Use what you find here. Go Be Awesome isn't a reading, listening, watching place but a doing place. Inertia leads to regret and disappointment and, like the lady said, we ain't got no time for that. We're going to get up and do things, right? Awesome things.

Get ready. It's coming.